Saturday, June 30, 2007

Moved in

... almost.

M is out buying a kitchen table now and we still need shelves. It's hard to find book when their in boxes stacked in the closet. Coming in to all this, I was excited to get my hands dirty and build some things. Then reality set in an I realized that with a new job and the baby, I just don't have that kind of time. So far, I built a shelf. It's a nice shelf, but not two weeks worth of nice. I need to have a realistic time frame in mind for future projects and prioritize a little.

I'm starting with shelves. There's lots of junk in the basement that needs to be off the ground in case of flooding and the attic is a mess. Then I can get into the fun stuff. I want to build a compost tumbler. They seem to cost more than $200 to buy and I should be able to build one for $20 if I can find a good container to start with. I'm not sure where to find old steel drums, but a Gatorade cooler would work, too.

We've decided to leave the kitchen alone for now. That leaves finishing the attic and adding a half bath as the big projects. The plumbing is going to be tricky for the bathroom, so we're contemplating a composting toilet. I thought that would be a harder sell, but M was on board at the first mention. I had a whole spiel prepared.