Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I've been a bit distracted lately by work, Christopher, and home improvement, so I haven't posted much here. We've been adding a half bathroom downstairs. I found an old door in the attic that had to be stripped of old paint before we could put it up. I tried scraping it off, which created lots of, probably toxic, paint dust. I tried using something called PeelAway that I found at Home Depot. It works really well, but despite claims of being non-toxic, I was coughing al night after using it. I also tried SoyGel. Goes on really easily, works well, and didn't make me feel sick.

The other thing on my mind occasionally is politics. This quote is from an article by Ronald Bailey on the candidates' views on evolution is not related to anything, but too good to not pass on.

My favorite response from any candidate about the evolution/creationism debate was from former Sen. Mike Gravel (Alaska). When LiveScience asked the senator if he thought creationism should be taught in public schools, Gravel replied, ""Oh God, no. Oh, Jesus. We thought we had made a big advance with the Scopes monkey trial....My God, evolution is a fact, and if these people are disturbed by being the descendants of monkeys and fishes, they've got a mental problem. We can't afford the psychiatric bill for them. That ends the story as far as I'm concerned."