Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Rough Guide

I just bought a copy of The Rough Guide to Shopping With a Conscience. I had been looking at it, thinking it would be good to have on hand as a sort of reference, and I needed one more thing to get free shipping from Amazon. When it showed up, we wife remarked that it may have been better to borrow a copy from the library rather than kill a tree for a book on how to shop greener. She has a point.

She's actually proven to be a better at some aspects of personal conservation than I am. She's not quite as motivated as Ia m by the bigger plight of the global environment, but she's better at seeing the cost of day to day things. I had assumed that I'd be the advocate of all things green in this new endeavor, but she's been doing more than her share so far. And I still haven't gotten a compost bin set up. I'll do it tomorrow. Really.