Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Farm Work

We went down to our CSA this morning to fulfill the work obligations for our share. Every member owes at least seven hours of work a season, and you can cut your cost in half by working eight hours a week. This is a feature that the CSAs in California lacked. There was no real connection to the farm for the subscribers, just a box that showed up every week.

It was pouring this morning, so we were the only folks out who weren't permanent staff. We were mentally prepared to spend a couple hours in the rain weeding or something, but there was plenty to do in the barn. We spent three hours clipping the dried leaves off of over 300 pounds of garlic. We didn't get wet, but we got a few blisters.

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TravelingEm said...

Hey John,

Actually my CSA, Maraquita Farms down in Hollister, had pick your own days where I could go to the farm and pick tomatoes, tomatillos, whatever they had a bunch of for $0.50/lb. It was amazing to see the farm and get to wander it. But you're right, they didn't have "work hours to pay less" incentives.